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Principal Graeme Martin, Ph.D., has over 24 years experience in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research and development, first at Wellcome in the UK, and then with Glaxo Wellcome prior to joining Roche Bioscience in California, where he headed Roche’s CNS discovery and development in the USA. Most recently he was Chief Technical Officer at Telik Inc., a small molecule oncology biopharmaceutical company in South San Francisco.

In addition to assembling and managing multidisciplinary research departments and development teams, Dr. Martin has led the discovery and preclinical development of seven NCEs in the CNS, cardiovascular, pain and urology therapy areas, taking several of these candidates forward to Ph II clinical proof of concept. He was responsible for the discovery and early clinical development of  Zomig®, now marketed worldwide by Astra Zeneca for the acute treatment of migraine. He has also played a leading role in the licensing of drug candidates, including both Zomig® and the selective anti-serotonergic RS-127445. While at Telik, he was responsible for all apsects of technology development, licensing and business development, broadening chemogenomic applications of the TRAPTM technology and leveraging it to create a Consortium with academic centers of excellence, to accelerate translational research in oncology.

Dr. Martin has substantial operational experience within the pharmaceutical industry, having contributed as a senior member of the Roche and Glaxo Wellcome global portfolio management teams, overseen numerous external collaborations and alliances, and chaired scientific and clinical advisory boards.

Dr. Martin was trained in pharmacology, obtaining his first degree from the University of Bath, Avon, UK, and his Ph.D. from University College, London. He is the author of three patents and more than 80 peer reviewed articles, and he continues to serve on the Editorial Boards of several international scientific journals.

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