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Discovery-Insight can assist clients with:

  • Discovery Portfolio Management and Prioritization
 About Us
    • assessing biological, chemical and commercial tractability / risk
    • formulating a clear path to clinical candidate selection
    • identifying and convening expert scientific advisory panels
    • defining target product profiles
    • recognizing opportunities for product positioning and differentiation
    • problem-solving via academic / contract centers of excellence
  • Strategic Development of Drug Candidates
    • formulating comprehensive preclinical and clinical development plans to the highest medical, scientific and ethical standards
    • optimizing and articulating a clear development path in accordance with the strategic objectives of the company
    • identifying and working with CROs on all aspects of preclinical and clinical product development
    • interacting with regulatory authorities to gain endorsement of proposed trial programs and planned submissions
    • co-ordinating completion and submission of IBs and INDs  
  • Partnering Opportunities and Strategic Alliances
    • identifying potential development / co-development partners
    • identifying and coordinating in- and out-licensing opportunities
    • identifying technology solutions to resolve issues of tractability (e.g. formulations), or provide potential commercial advantage
  • Acquisitions and Investment Opportunities
    • conducting due diligence on products, technologies and business propositions
    • revitalizing and expanding commercial potential by seeking synergies and complementary technologies or products
    • providing interim management of emerging entities
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